Theresa Travels...

This week Theresa goes to Birmingham to the Broken Puppetry Symposium at Newman University.

On Tuesday, I traveled to the city of Birmingham for a 2-Day Symposium on Puppetry and Health. Broken Puppet is the third Symposium in this series exploring how Puppetry can be applied to use in Health and Healthcare Settings. The setting was the very beautiful Newman University which was originally a Catholic Teacher Training College.

Over the two days I attended a variety of workshops and lectures including the keynote speech from Raven Kaliana who is using Puppetry to address some of the very difficult issues around human trafficking.

I also attended lectures to hear about puppets being used with Autistic girls, to celebrate the life of Finnish writer Mina Kanth or how object Theatre is used in Palliative Care.

I attended a workshop with 2 Irish Puppeteers who are using puppets in Nursing Education to help to develop empathy in the students and I also heard about the work of 2 Swiss Puppet Therapists.

I met some Dutch Puppeteers working with older people using Shadow Puppetry and also an English Puppeteer/ Dancer using a multi-sensory approach to her work.

I was also lucky to be selected to talk about my work at Vida and how I am developing this to meet and engage with people living with Dementia.

It was an inspiring couple of days of meeting old and new friends in the Puppetry Community. I am buzzing about new ideas and possibilities.

The world of Puppetry is Humming-can you hear it?

Theresa McNally, Creative Practice Manager