Vida is the Rolls Royce of dementia care.

“Vida shines out like a beacon. If all care homes were like this one, there wouldn’t be a problem with dementia care in this country”
“Amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s so reassuring and that helps us as a family”
“We very often commented that we could not imagine another facility that could possibly provide the high level of comfort and care that mum received, and that certainly made it easier for us to sleep at night knowing she was being so well looked after.”
"An utterly amazing, unbelievable ‘Can do, will do’ attitude – the difference in my mother since moving to Vida is incomparable."
“I cannot praise it enough. We are absolutely thrilled. The way they look after her is wonderful. My mum has come on really, really well and is no longer on anti-psychotic medication or antidepressants”
“The management and the care team at Vida are totally dedicated to the people they are caring for. The ethos of Vida is to respect and cherish all the individuals living there, and this is evident in every aspect of the care provision. I hold them in high regard and know with certainty that my husband could not be in a better place and is being cared for with skill, compassion, dedication and humour! Vida is the Rolls Royce of dementia care.”

The care could not be better.

"The care staff are completely dedicated and committed to the residents. They do everything in their power to make sure the residents are stimulated, happy and healthy, and feel secure. They go the extra million miles. The entertainments programme is superb and everyone loves it and tries to join in.”
“My mum has been a resident for 6 months and I have found the staff and management very caring and responsive. Any concerns are dealt with promptly and efficiently as my mum’s wellbeing is a top priority. My mum is well looked after, the food is excellent and activities and personal times are weaved into the day. Vida Hall stands out as an example of quality person centered care.”
"From the day my husband entered the door of Vida Hall he has enjoyed a standard of care far beyond our highest expectations."
“The staff are excellent in every way. They are caring, compassionate and Mum could not be in a better place. From the management through to the lovely lady who cleans my mother’s room, I have found wonderful people who care about every aspect of the vital jobs they are undertaking”
“My father came to Vida Grange as his Alzheimer’s Disease was advanced and his previous home could no longer meet his needs. He settled quickly and it really was a home from home, the carers and all staff are very responsive to the resident’s needs and it is a lovely environment, bright and welcoming and very comfortable for them all. The staff are always polite, friendly and caring and communicated really well with the family concerning my father’s well-being. When the end came they could not have done more for him and for us and we will always be eternally grateful to them for making his last years so comfortable.”
“Since my Sister has been residing at Vida Hall we have seen a marked difference in her. She is more content now than ever she has been for the last 10/12 years. We can only see her about once a month (availability of public transport) but we can now relax at home knowing she is living and being cared for in such a wonderful environment. We have always found the home and rooms to be in an immaculate state and the staff are some of the most caring we have known. The staff are so welcoming professional, friendly and approachable.”
“My wife will always say that living in Vida Grange is 2nd best (to living at home) but Harlow Carr is staffed by wonderful, caring people and my wife is so very happy living with such first-class carers. I visit approximately five days a week and am impressed by their standards. I think the fees are rather high, but you do get value for money.”
“Professional, loving and stimulating care. My husband is happy and fit. He likes all his careers very much and he is well cared for. There are many musical events which all residents enjoy and find stimulating. There are trips out for walks, to go shopping or for a coffee. I could not wish for better.”
“My Aunt was one of the first residents when Vida Grange opened. The level of care and understanding I’ve witnessed towards my Aunt and myself since then has been outstanding. Staff went out of their way to take her to church every week, which, due to the way her Alzheimer’s disease manifested, was the only time she as happy. She died on Boxing Day, a member of staff with her as I knew they would be. Thank you all!!”
“The family would like to thank the staff at Woodlands for their support during my mother’s recent hospitalisation and her care thereafter and for supporting my father during his distress at this time. Renewed thanks are sent to the excellent entertainment team for their innovative ideas and unfailing cheerfulness.”
"The care and respect administrated to my darling, throughout his 22 months residence in Vida, can only be described as exemplary. From EVERY member of staff, ancillary as well as carers, he was treated with dignity, humour, and, I believe, love. When ‘end of life’ care was initiated, the excellence continued, both from ensuring his comfort and cleanliness, to the professionalism of continuing assessment and administration of medication. Words, to express gratitude for everything you have done for him, are impossible to find, they would be inadequate."
“The care my dad received at Vida was flawless. We really felt that the staff took the time to get to know dad, to understand him and to do their best to make his last months as comfortable as possible. We also appreciated being kept informed of everything that was happening with dad. Nursing homes are busy places but someone always found time to sit down and talk to us. Thank you again. You are doing wonderful work at Vida, keep it up. My only regret is that dad didn’t come to you sooner.”
“I would like to sincerely thank you and your excellent staff for the care and love you have shown Mum since she came almost 4 years ago. Dad and I have often agreed that dementia is an awful disease but with Mum in Vida and Dad around the corner from her and us, things were as good as they could be.”
"I have the highest regard for Vida Grange, the high standards you strive to meet and all that you do for the residents. You are a beacon and leader in the provision which should be available to all sufferers of dementia. I hope that you are able to take the lead and can share your knowledge and experience to help set the standards for other care homes to aspire to."
"I must also praise all the staff I had contact with, some of whom went way above and beyond what may have been expected in the care they gave mum. They helped her to maintain her dignity and have some fun and laughter in her life, despite the effects of Alzheimer’s."
"Thank you to you all especially the fabulous team at Waterside for all you are doing for Dad, we really appreciate all your hard work ."
"Lockdown has been very hard for all us whether we live close to Vida or like me, many miles away in Scotland. The restrictions on visiting have also been very hard but Family Team Talk has made all the difference to me. It’s helped me feel involved with my mum again. To see her looking happy, blowing out her birthday cake candles or enjoying the sunshine makes my day. Just to see her face brings her into my life again."
"Since Dad has been in your care the pressure and worry of the family has disappeared and we are so grateful that the time he has remaining with us is spent in your wonderful home. The love and attention he is shown from you is second to none."
"We’ve all appreciated the monumental amount of work that the Managers and the team have put in over the last few months; seeking information, digesting the guidelines, sourcing PPE, briefing staff, sourcing testing kits, planning, re-planning, re-engineering all your processes and communicating with families. We have appreciated the honesty and openness in the communications from Vida during this difficult time."
"Finding Vida Hall was an answer to our prayers for us last year as were struggling to obtain a place in a home which could cope with Mum’s particular needs. We are so grateful that your staff are compassionate and gentle and so dedicated in their caring. And, of course, so much of that culture comes from your management."