11th September 2020
Doll therapy at Vida Hall

Transforming dementia care

Vida Healthcare was established in 2010 with the aim of transforming the care available to older people living with dementia. If you’re looking for dementia care […]
9th September 2020
Health and Social Care Workers Flu Immunisation

Vida working with local pharmacy to provide flu vaccine

Vida Healthcare, specialist dementia care provider in Harrogate, are working with local pharmacy to ensure all staff are fully vaccinated with the flu vaccination in time […]
8th September 2020
Vida Healthcare Survey 2020

Vida Healthcare Nationwide Survey Results

In July 2020 Vida commissioned a nationwide survey to find out how the general public were feeling about Care Homes throughout the pandemic. The results are […]
6th September 2020
Vida Healthcare and Lucky North

Healthcare win for Leeds’ Lucky North

Read the full article here https://www.prolificnorth.co.uk/news/pr-agency-news/2020/08/healthcare-win-leeds-lucky-north?fbclid=IwAR2krU8kQf1HOpjHV025nW7oXBs8B3OVgpudU5tXW4xjbskgAHs0Rn07P50
5th September 2020
Vida Healthcare Family Team Talk

Vida Healthcare Pushes Button On Family Friendly App

Read the full article on The Care Home Environment here https://www.thecarehomeenvironment.com/story/33597/vida-healthcare-pushes-button-on-family-friendly-app?fbclid=IwAR2gLPSQNadGDFpsOpdFuULgWvdzc6fZfkMwGyw75Ny8Ny9LVw2g6EWgpZc
4th September 2020
Thanks to Vida

I’ve bitten the bullet and applied to do a degree in Mental Health Nursing

‘Thanks to Vida Healthcare, I’ve bitten the bullet and applied to do a degree in Mental Health Nursing’ If you’re looking for a career change and […]