13th August 2020
Fish and chips at Vida Grange

Fish & Chips in the sunshine!

The residents of Vida Grange enjoying fish and chips, an ice cold beverage and a live theatrical performance outside! 😍☀️
12th August 2020
Interactive table

Interactive atmosphere

The OM Interactive projection table offers many benefits to our residents including a positive and interactive atmosphere, reduces loneliness and improves physical health through movement.
12th August 2020
Art & Dementia Vida Vida Healthcare

Art & Dementia

Taking part in art activities enhances our residents wellbeing, interaction and engagement at Vida Healthcare. We’ve found that art triggers memories, inspires conversations and allows people […]
11th August 2020
Registered Nurses Vida Grange Vida Hall

Registered Nurses

‘Outstanding’ rated care homes, Vida Hall and Vida Grange, offer exceptional dementia care to people living with dementia. Vida is committed to developing research-based services and […]
10th August 2020

Outside entertainment!

The residents at Vida Grange enjoying a live music performance outside! ☀️ We try and organise outdoor entertainment as much as we can at Vida Grange, […]
9th August 2020

Doll therapy at Vida

Doll therapy creates many benefits for residents including joy, happiness and reminiscence 💛 We’ve seen with our own eyes how incredible doll therapy can be. Residents […]