My name is Wayne Craven, i’m the Well-being Team Lead at Vida Grange in Pannal, Harrogate. I have worked in the healthcare sector for ten years and I have undergone numerous courses with regards to dementia, behaviours and activities. Even though they have been knowledgeable and interesting, there is nothing better (in my eyes) than on job learning.

A focus of mine is to change the way we see well-being. Everything falls under the umbrella of ‘ACTIVITIES’. and it’s suggested that we need activities, that the residents need to be playing bingo, but is this really the case?

As part of the well-being team, I like to look at things differently. I like to see life through our resident’s eyes, and class things as meaningful engagement. Anything we do is meaningful to our residents, whether it is spending time looking through books together, talking about the daily news, listening to music & having a dance or even spending time to hold someone’s hand. The results are thoroughly rewarding and deeply meaningful.

I love a good cuppa!

Who doesn’t love a good cuppa and a piece of cake paired with a good natter? This is where our Afternoon Tea Parties go down a treat! I like to set the scene with china cups, teapots, music and have a really good old time!

Themed days are also a big interest of mine, they are a chance to cover many areas of engagement whilst having fun within the day. We can proceed with renaissance sessions throughout and offer social stimulation and interaction as well as sensory based engagement.

Another focus of mine is within end of life well-being. This is the deliverance of meaningful actions for those who are approaching end of life. Reading to the resident, brushing their hair, snoozle sessions and holding their hand are all engagements we offer so they know they are not alone.

Should you have any enquiries or suggestions, please feel free to email me 

Vida Grange Well-being
Wayne Craven, Well-being Team Leader